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100% Human Virgin Remy Mono Hair Toppers

All hand-tied mono base topper

2.75"X 5"



#LightSilver A

(Icy light silver almost white but not pure white)



38g, 48g


120% Density



12", 16"

#LightSilver A Mono Hair Topper

  • -Due to the processing differences, the color may be slightly different from our WIRE extensions, Clip-in extensions etc. in the same shade.


    -These Mono base toppers are made with ultra fine mesh material and the hair is hand-tied individually.

    They are breathable and light material and easy to maintain.

    Unlike the hair wigs , these hair toppers are more versatile for customers to apply, take care, and do hair style with.

    It will add volume in few minutes, blends with your own hair perfectly.

    You can also change the part to the centre or to the side.


    -If you are not sure about your hair color match, inquire to us for detailed advices. We can help you with the best color match and the thickness recommendations.(Send us your hair photos taken under the natural light as possible.)

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