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 Color Matching



If we don't have your hair color in stock, we will customize the "Custom-Shade" for FREE of extra charge!

Send us your photos showing your hair color from the top to the bottom following the instruction below.

Please make sure the photos are taken under the natural lighting.

For indoor, take them anywhere that's bright enough to show the colors, but AWAY from the direct sunlight, during daytime, only under the NON-florescent lighting.

For outdoor, please take them under the shade or on a cloudy day, AWAY from the direct sunlight.

All hair must be down and show from the top until the bottom all the way.(We need to see your "ends" more than the top.)

If you are taking selfies, bring all the hair to the front so we can see the accurate length of your hair from the front.

After reviewing the photos, we will get back to you with several different options for your hair.

We will be giving you the best suggestions on hair color, length and the thickness.

You can also send us an email to

(If the photos are too large, it won't get sent.)

Brown Hair Model
We specialize in 100% human hair extensions, such as Wire extensions, Clip-in extensions, Wrap around ponytails and more!
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