For our 100% Human Halo extensions


2pcs Extra Clear Elastic bands + 4pcs Micro beads(with silicon inside) in Any colors of your choice.(Black, Brown, Dark Blonde and Blonde)


-5" width Clear Elastic bands(0.7mm thickness) X 2pcs

- Micro Beads X 4pcs (Available colors: Brown or Blonde)

*You can request us to mix the colors by leaving a note or comment when you purchase. (ex. 2 Brown + 2 Blonde)


**If you'd like to change your own Halo extensions that has "Fishing lines" instead of the Stretchable clear elastic band, you can simply change it yourself.


**If you are purchasing this item with our Halo extensions at the same time, you can save the shipping fee on this item.

Extra Wire Kit(4 colors)


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