Gray Scrunchie Hair bun ponytails

100% KanekalonFiber made in Japan



Small size: 3" length hair curled(**You can wear 2-3pcs together to create a bigger volume or to mix colors.)

Large size(40% larger than our regular size): 3.5-4" length hair curled

Gray Hair Scrunchie

  • **DO NOT use electric drying or styling aids such as curling irons or blowers. Keep away from excessive heat or open flame.
  • Washing: Wash in a mild shampoo or wig shampoo, using cool water.  Gently swish by hand.  Rinse gently in cool water.

    Drying: Gently squeeze out any excess water, allow your wig to air dry completely on a styrofoam head.  Do not brush while wet.

    Styling: After your wig is completely dry, it can be brushed into the desired style.  By using a wig brush or even your fingertips, many variations can be easily achieved.