100% Asian/European Clip-in Hair Extension.

All pieces are "Double-layered" preventing from shedding/thinning quickly.
You can purchase the pieces individually or per set.(You will get $10-25 off discount when you purchase them in a set)


Width: 4" wide

All of our hair is 1" longer than the actual length!
ex)18"=19" of the others



Wash these extensions when you need to.  Depends how much you wear or use them, you can wash even once in a 6 months if you don't wear them that often.

Fill in a bowl or in sink with lukewarm water and put some shampoo to make "shampoo-water". (Don't put the shampoo directly on to the hair extensions and rub it too much.)

Leave the hair conditioners/mask/treatments on the hair extensions for about 30 minutes and rinse it off with cold water.  

You may put on any types of hair treatments, moroccan oils or leave in conditioners to keep the hair moisturized.

Even you don't wash the hair often, we recommend to keep the hair moisturized with products.

Coloring/dying the human hair extensions:

We do not recommend coloring the extensions.  But if you wish to, we would recommend coloring it darker rather than lifting(lighter) the color.(including bleaching, putting highlights etc.)

Toning hair wouldn't be a problems with any toners and purple/blue shampoos.

Clip-in #4- Medium Brown

Per piece
  • For Volumizing your hair: Minimum 2-3 pcs recommended

    For Lenghening your hair:Minimum 5pcs(set) recommended

    For Volumizing and Lengthening or if your own hair is thick: 7-10pcs(full set to 2 sets) recommended


    *NOTE: ALL Pieces are "FULL DOUBLE-LAYERED" 2 Clip ones.(No small pieces are in a Set/Full set) You can edit quantities in your Cart.


    **Ask us for detailed advices or recommendations on choosing colours or lengths. Ask us now!

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