100% Human Hair Clip-in extension streaks

-Dusty Rose color strips

-Dusty Pink color strips

-Dusty Violet color strips


You can simply clip in on to your hair to create the Colorful highlighted look in second!

Since it's 100% human hair, you can wash, curl or straightened!


**These pieces are NOT for your full head installation since they are too small and little hair in each pieces.  Please visit here to purchase the Full Head installation Clip-in extensions. Here are the listings for the FULL SET of Clip-in hair extensions for your FULL HEAD.

Please request the custom orders if you'd like this shade in any other width sizing.


*TIP: Please clip them closer to your roots and where you part your hair to be most visible on your hair.(The less hair covers on top of the piece, the more it will be visible to show.)


We recommend using them in pairs 2, 4, 6 or 8 pcs at a time.

2pcs for top, 1 on each sides.

4pcs for 2 on top, 1 on each sides, and 2 behind your ears 1 on each sides.

6pcs for 2 on top, 1 on each sides, and 2 behind your ears 1 on each sides, and 2 pcs on top at the back.



16" and 20"



1.5" wide


*You are purchasing each one piece.

**Although we are trying our best to match the colors in the photos from the listing, due to the hair dye color sensitivity, the result of the coloring might vary slightly different in every batch of the hair.


Coloring/dying the human hair extensions:

We do not recommend coloring the extensions.  But if you wish to, we would recommend coloring it darker rather than lifting(lighter) the color.(including bleaching, putting highlights etc.)

Toning hair wouldn't be a problems with any toners and purple/blue shampoos.

100% Human Hair Dusty Rose Pink Strip Clip-in extensions 1pc


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